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At the end of World War 2 Josh Wigfull bought a plot of redundant quarry land just outside Enderby. After a struggle his brother John and wife received planning permission to build a small house on the plot. In 1952 John was made redundant on a weeks notice just before Christmas. Rather than look for another job he decided to set up his own company and John Wigfull & Co was started. The next year the company who made him redundant realised his mistake and asked him to return. This offer was declined but he did offer to carry out his previous tasks on their behalf. Most of this work involved fuels and the company continued. The work being done by John and one other helper with the office work being carried out by his wife Madge after she had done her daytime job of being a teacher. The Company became Limited in 1962 and continued to specialise in handling flammable liquids and gases.

The eldest son Richard did a variety of jobs in the UK and overseas before returning to help in 1977. The younger son Tom also returned from other work and joined the Company in 1982.

Since then the Company has continued to specialise in storage and handling of all forms of liquid and gaseous fuels.

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